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How secure are the personal data?

The users fill in names and email addresses which can not be disclosed under the Personal Data Act. Nor does the law allow us as a provider of a cloud service to be active in Facebook and social media which are not safe.

Which is the fundamental pedagogy?

The overall context

Understanding the whole and basic structure Mnemonics is about having simple memory cells and structures to put information into to be able to become knowledge. You should as soon as possible build the structure on which you can hang up and sort new information to become knowledgenand see the fundamental patterns and structures of finance before further experiences and creative solutions. 

Understanding context In finance the income statement and balance sheet are the starting structure to begin to understand other reports, key ratios, profitability charts, cash flow, etc. and that are divided into different calculation models. In a ProfitGame you see ongoing how the greater context and the big pictures are related to the level of details, as the calculations and implications of your own decisions. Colour and shape is a recurring theme to facilitate the understanding of how your behaviour affects the business.

Understand the details in context Continuing experiences at the detailed level should be directly related to its greater context, which books can't do. Therefore, practices and games are based on an interaction between the features and the whole, between the parts and the whole structure in order to provide coherence. You get no lasting knowledge if you don't understand how the parts and the whole interact and give support and meaning to each other

See more about the pedagogic background in the Blog.

When is the pedagogy most effective?

The pedagogy is more effective when activity, adventures, problems and feedback reinforce the need for theory and create motivation. Business decisions in practices and games give rise to curiosity and an interest to know the theory behind.

It is obvious that it is not until the student has questions and wants information, that the student is interested and motivated to discuss, see and perceive the underlying structure, explanations, concepts, connections, pattern and relations.

To satisfy this inquiring for more knowledge, reports to a great extent are made clear, visualized and illustrated with graphics that largely become self-explanatory by means of colour and shape. Furthermore, they have links to Facts with the underlying theory and factual knowledge. In these learning texts there are in its turn links to video lessons from the web having connection to the contents. Additional requirements are that the student should not have to read the instructions to learn the use.

Are audio books and lessons on video enough?

It is necessary to have the learning texts, Facts, but not enough. As an example you no longer have to enroll at prestigious universities in the United States to get access to all their lectures and videos. They are added freely available on the Internet (MOOC Massive Open Online Course) as marketing. To enroll costs almost a fortune. Besides that you get a degree, the prestige universities know that a quality education must provide much more than only lectures and books can provide.
Teacher In a classroom the teacher can contribute with questions, be a coach and summarizer getting the students to find the courses "the best I have experienced". Do not be tempted as a teacher to help too much or too quick. Let the students do the work and try to answer their own questions. The students are responsible for their learning building on practice, repetition and reflection. Teachers and educational media support them by their teaching.

Active learning

According to Confucius: I hear and I forget much;  I see and I remember much;  I do and I understand much.

What is active learning?

The right part of the image above should also be a circle and include reflection. Active listening is of great value. But it needs to be followed up by repetition in the form of reflection, reading and application. Application leads to questions, as an example asked to the teacher. The student listens and reflects in order to study learning texts and perhaps google. The application can continue at a higher level. It is a continual upward cycle of listening, reflecting, reading and doing (transformative learning).

New knowledge is created by putting experiences to tests repeatedly. Activity always wins over passivity. When you learned to ride a bike, you proceeded by trial and error, fell, picked yourself up and tried again. It was about interactivity and feedback. As an example learning how to drive a car and finding your way in the traffic requires a running processing of experience. That is learning by doing and also learning by failing, to be able to do wrong (preferably in a simulation) and understand why. 

Learning financial and managerial accounting
Active learning is optimal not the least when you are to learn finance. Therefore, on the way to a Selling and Finance Diploma you are confronted with events, adventures, decisions, tasks, quizzes and feedback in right doses. You solve problems and get immediate response in report pictures which visualize and put your experience into its context and financial interrelationships which books with exercises cannot do.

In a new study the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) conducted the largest and most comprehensive review of the effect of active learning on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Students in a traditional lecture course are 1.5 times more likely to fail, compared to students in courses with active learning.
Active learning comparison A comparison of how students performed in active learning and lecture courses. The horizontal axis is the failure rate, and the vertical axis is the relative number of courses with that failure rate. Image Credit: Freeman et al, PNAS.

On the road to Sell & Finance Diploma the level of activity and the variation in activities are substantially higher than in the courses included in the study above. To use a few more concepts our courses are a mix of serious games, purposeful games, focused games, beneficial games, interactive based training, problem based training, case based training, game based training, scenario based training, simulation based training,  competency-based learning and blended learning at teacher-led instruction.

Another popular concept within active learning is gamification, which is not the same as, but is related to "game". Even our practices meet the requirements for gamification,
- which means that there is a basic scenario or a story with a progression towards the targets specified in a scorecard.
- All the time you get immediate feedback, which is a prerequisite for learning,
- and see the end results of the practices in a scoreboard.
- Other key elements include awards as diplomas with the possibility to reach higher levels.
- And preferably a social component that involves being able to discuss and compare with other participants.

Practical tools
The simulation and calculation tools with reports and learning media can be used outside the courses, which gives totally other conditions of having great use of the knowledge and remember it. You shorten training time and extend knowledge.

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