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Finance games and simulations

Learn from scratch finance, entrepreneurship and business acumen around web-based business practices and games.

Just use your web browser to run business practices and games via the Internet. The web courses are in the "cloud". ProfitGames opens every day finance courses around the world with practical tools and simulations.

business finance education

In the games you run businesses and have access to assistance as calculation models, business simulations, visualized reports and textbooks with audio, dictionary and lessons on video. After every decision the financial relationships are visualized interactively, inducted in its greater context in colour and shape giving an effective and time-saving teaching and learning.

The finance games and simulations cut down on the learning time. It is an interactive learning experience that puts the learner at the center and allows for individual learning styles. Teachers can contribute to that the students find the courses "the best I have experienced". 

An annual subscription according to your choice gives access to
- either all levels
- or just the Basic level with all tools.

OS! not as the common business games, inj which you compete in a market by changing a number of decisions lumped together, the effects of which are not separated and therefore preclude conclusions and knowledge.

Financial Management Diplomas

The business practices lead to Financial Management Diplomas including Financial Driving Licenses on the levels Basic, Continuation and Advanced. At the fulfilment of the targets every practice leads  to a diploma indicating course and level.

* You work interactively with decisions, events, questions and tasks and get instant feedback.
* You make the logical process whereas the computer counts and illustrates in pictures, where colour and shape is a recurring theme for the understanding.
* You see directly the connections and how your separate decisions affect the greater context.
* You have a business dictionary and learning texts with a search function.
* The practices are based on stories that are portioned out in moderate doses.
* It can be a whole class in discussion in front of a large screen, in groups at their computers or reflection on your own.

You also have the possibility in exercises of your own to put together pedagogical results showing the connections to the big picture.

Selling and Finance Diplomas

The business games, except the Classic, lead to Selling and Finance Diplomas at the fulfilment of the targets.

* You are not controlled as in the practices, but you drive independently your business towards the targets.
* Decide what goods and/or services you deal in, improve the businesses and get them to grow.

You apply your financial skills from the practices at the same level plus sale and service:
- such that you adapt sales behavior to different steps in the sales process,
- identify customer needs at standard and customized solutions respectively and
- resolve problems at various service commitments with the customers etc.

Online teaching aids

Business economics for decision-makers

- Introduction to entrepreneurship and finance.
- Resource and Balance practice.
- Income and Profit/loss practice.
- Profit and Cash flow planning.
- Selling and Finance Diploma in the Business game Basic.

Business economics for controllers, product and business managers

Supplement with
- Return and Profitability.
- Purchase and Store.
- Investment.
- Profit management I - III.
- Selling and Finance Diploma in business games.

A large number of calculations and simulation provide use outside the courses too.

Business studies at school

Upper secondary and tertiary education

Digital business games and practices in Entrepreneurship, Finance 1 and Finance 2 and also online teaching aids with audio, video, simulation and calculation as learning tools.

Basic level

- Entrepreneurial Economy:
The free demo is developed to an introduction in business economics and entrepreneurship.
- Business Game Classic:
Simulate different strategies in running a business and affecting the supply and demand of a virtual market at the accomplishment of the value chain and operating profit.


- Resource and Balance: Without prior knowledge you build up a balance sheet, beginning with a private economy so that beginners will recognize themselves.
- Income and Profit/loss: You add a profit/loss and develop a trading and service company.
- Profit and Cash flow planning: Profit and liquidity cash budgeting.

- Selling and Finance Diploma in the Business game Basic with a target for the gross margin etc.

Continuation level

- Profit management I: Average cost and margin calculations, markups and pricing.
- Profit management II: Break-even, safety margins and pricing.

- Selling and Finance Diploma in the Business game Continuation with a target for the operating margin etc.

Advanced level

- Profit management III: Contribution calculations, capacity utilization and pricing.
- Return and Profitability (used in the following courses). This practice can finish the Basic level in adult education.
- Purchase and Store.
- Investment.

- Selling and Finance Diploma in the Business game Advanced with a return target etc.

Web courses in finance

Enter different offices and roles

On the top you have functions for finance and strategy. Right down is the resource flow from procurement to sales. You enter different roles and get the contexts continuously illustrated on your way towards the targets.

The targets for the finance courses online are about passing a sufficient share of quizzes and tasks, and also margins and return in the internet based Business games.

virtual company

 Web courses

 Basic level

 Entrepreneurial Economy x  
 Business Game Classic x x

 Financial Management Diploma
 Resource and Balance practice x  
 Income practice x  
 Profit and Cash flow planning x  
 Selling and Finance Diploma
 Business game Basic x x

 Continuation level

 Financial Management Diploma
 Profit management I x  
 Profit management II x
 Selling and Finance Diploma
 Business game Continuation x x

 Advanced level

 Financial Management Diploma
 Profit management III x  
 Return and Profitability x  
 Purchase and Store x  
 Investment x  
 Selling and Finance Diploma
 Business game Advanced x x

The Business games have an Intro practice where you get information about how to drive the business.

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